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LeadWhy alpacas?

When bonding with animals, we experience something unique:
authenticity. This is especially true for alpacas. An alpaca will immediately react to the fear or uneasiness you have buried deep inside and believe well hidden behind your much-tested attire. An alpaca will know and retreat, denying you the bond.
So, meeting an alpaca means meeting your own self. To succeed, you will have to be attentive, perceptive, sensitive and aware of that stream of nonverbal signals flowing forth and back between yourself and the alpaca. Signals that may or may not constitute a bond. double dose viagra

Key to your inner self

When working with an alpaca you will most certainly act along the lines that guide your everyday leadership performance – strengths included, and weaknesses. The alpaca will give you clear feedback on both. Given by an animal, such feedback does not hurt, even though it may touch your vulnerable heart of hearts and thus reveal an emotional truth.
During reflection, we openly discuss behaviours and their effects on accomplishing goals with the alpacas. During this time of self-reflection we can collectively identify improvements in nonverbal communication that will help in leading our animal partners in the next series of challenges.All in all, your emotional and intuitive powers will be activated alike, creating strong internal images which may trigger further personal growth. Especially people in positions that demand high operational efficiency will profit from this approach. pillola viagra naturale

Lessons to learn

What makes you the alpha dog is not strength, but social competence. Pick up signals, understand them and give them back to the team with a productive dynamic.
Working with alpacas will help managers consciously reflect on their natural nonverbal communication and to improve them to achieve results. They will then be able to apply these skills in their companies achieving results through “Leading by Nature“. viagra generico doc on line

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